Episode 344: Stop Planning with Greg Reid

We’re much closer to success than we think we are. Today’s guest Greg Reid will help you see what’s possible.

Greg Reid is a fascinating character, and he’s testament to achieving great things despite the odds. Even with dyslexia, he is the ultimate master storyteller. He has been published in over 78 books, 32 best sellers, five motion pictures, featured in many magazines, and has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. He’s a highly sought-after keynote speaker, entrepreneur, with a strong win-win work ethic.

I’m excited to catch up with Greg to learn more about his journey, and dive into his book Three Feet From Gold: Turn Your Obstacles into Opportunities!. Join us as we explore timeless authors, unexpected opportunities, and modernising Napoleon Hill’s principles for success.

Talking Points

  • Why you need to stop planning
  • The story behind the title Three Feet From Gold
  • Why is Napoleon Hill synonymous with success?
  • Greg’s CPC acronym for success
  • Ways to stop us from getting in our own way
  • An interesting path into filmmaking
  • Being a dyslexic author
  • Why you need to seek counsel, not opinion

“Seek counsel and not opinion.”

Greg Reid

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