Episode 377: The Athlete’s Mindset with Dre Baldwin

Former professional basketball player Dre Baldwin shares how you can build repeatable success through systems he learnt from his athletic career.

After having played basketball professionally for nine years in eight different countries, Dre Baldwin is now a full-time entrepreneur, author of 27 books, and has done four TEDxTalks on topics ranging from mental toughness to discipline. I catch up with Dre to learn more about his work ethic and his latest book The Mirror of Motivation: the Self-Guide to Self-Discipline.

In this interview we explore Dre’s mental tools, why he chronicles his journey, documenting your systems, what non-athletes can learn from professional basketball – and what I have in common with Dre’s dad.

Talking Points

  • The athlete’s mindset for non-athletes
  • Journaling and chronicling your journey
  • Systemizing success
  • Establishing your foundations to be working from
  • Building mental toughness and resilience
  • The power of documentation

“Who do I need to be?”

Dre Baldwin

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