Episode 382: Marli Williams talks about Retreats, Transformation and Epic Events

Master facilitator Marli Williams shares what you can get out of a retreat – and the real-life transformations you can expect from connecting with the right people.

Marli is a master facilitator of transformation who creates magic in beautiful epic places. She’s the founder and director of Camp YES! – a summer camp for women entrepreneurs, leaders and change-makers. She is also a wilderness guide, educator and mentor. Her mission is to create epic, transformational experiences. 

Join our productive conversation as we discuss the power of taking a retreat, how to stay energized as a facilitator, being creative with virtual retreats, having informal hangout time – and sharing bourbon with Neal Pollack.

Talking Points

  • The tipping point for taking a retreat
  • Retreats vs conferences
  • What makes a retreat stand out from the rest
  • Co-creating experiences
  • Manufacturing transformational experiences online

Pay attention to what captures your attention.

Marli Williams

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