Episode 388: Mike Michalowicz talks about Getting Different

Most things have been done before – it’s about adding your ‘flavor’. Business expert Mike Michalowicz reinvents the way marketing is done through a radically simple marketing system.

Mike Michalowicz is an American author, entrepreneur, and lecturer. He is currently an author of seven business books published by Penguin Random House, including ‘Profit First’ and ‘Clockwork’, and is the former host of the “Business Rescue” segment for MSNBC’s Your Business. It’s an honor and a privilege to have Mike on the show as we get to explore how to truly succeed through marketing your business.

We explore how to be in control of your leads, Mike’s ‘DAD’ methodology, being different ‘enough’, plain text emails – and fun houses.

Talking Points

  • What inspired Mike to write ‘Get Different’
  • The attitude of experimenting vs planning
  • How to specify your audience
  • Being ‘different enough’
  • Seeking inspiration from other industries
  • Learn how to instantly analyze your marketing campaigns

The creation of new is an improvement of old.

Mike Michalowicz

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