Episode 389: A/J Jackson talks about Music, Glasses and Color Theory

Best known as the lead singer for the band Saint Motel, A/J Jackson has taken on another exciting endeavour – AVIEW, an innovative new eyewear brand. Find out how he schedules time to be an artist.

A/J Jackson is an American filmmaker, musician, songwriter, record producer, and the lead singer for the band Saint Motel. From feeling too limited to one color choice with his own eyewear – A/J Jackson took the leap and created interchangeable tinted lenses. He’s now the founder of AVIEW, which helps you experience a new way of wearing glasses where you can swap out colors whenever you feel like it. Colors can affect your mood, productivity, and general sense of well being.

I really enjoyed speaking with A/J Jackson and learning how he maintains his ‘creative muse’. In this episode we discuss how it went from making music to glasses, finding a team of experts to work with, color theory – and the 3D printer at his local library.

Talking Points

  • Taking on new creative projects
  • Color theory and its impact on mood and productivity 
  • The meaning behind ‘rose-tinted glasses’
  • The power of changing your working environment
  • Experimenting with hyper-scheduling
  • On being a disciplined artist

By chunking your time, you’re starting afresh each time.

A/J Jackson

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