Episode 393: Eric Partaker talks about The 3 Alarms

Your alarm can literally help you succeed. Coach and mentor Eric Partaker shares how the simplest system of setting three alarms can transform your health, wealth and relationships.

Eric Partaker coaches and mentors entrepreneurs and leaders throughout the world, helping them reach peak levels of performance, in both their businesses and lives. He draws from his world-class work experiences at McKinsey, Skype, and Chilango, cutting-edge research and behavioral science from Stanford University, and the approaches and techniques used in the worlds of elite sports and the military – areas where peak performance is key.

In this conversation, we uncover some key insights from his latest book ‘The 3 Alarms: A Simple System to Transform Your Health, Wealth, and Relationships Forever’. We also discuss peak performance traps, visual reminders, Maslow’s hierarchy of needs – and the cost of a plane landing in an emergency.

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Talking Points

  • What Eric discovered from his near-death experience
  • The IPA triggers
  • What we mean by ‘antifragile’
  • The power of the words we use and how identity drives behavior
  • What the superhero version of you looks like
  • Eric’s Three Alarms

In some shape or form, you’re already doing ‘The Thing’.

Eric Partaker

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