Episode 417: Cameron Herold talks about being The Second in Command

Meetings suck, don’t they?

Fellow Canadian Cameron Herold wrote a book with that title. But he knows that they don’t have to suck.

During our discussion, Cameron shares with me why meetings don’t have to suck and how to keep them becoming something that sucks. We also talked about a variety of other things during our conversation because Cameron has covered a lot through his body of work.

He is the Founder of COO Alliance, a Coach to CEOs and COOs, Keynote Speaker, and author of 5 books. He has coached hundreds of companies in 28 countries, built two 100MM companies, and his Vivid Vision tool is being used globally by thousands of companies.

There’s a lot to unpack from our conversation – including the concepts of priority management and situational leadership. I trust you’ll enjoy this episode and learn a lot from Cameron. I know I did.

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