Episode 424: Neill Williams talks about How to Unbusy Your Life

It’s always exciting having another productivity coach on the show with me and this episode definitely starts off on the right foot! This was a fun and engaging conversation that I’ve been eager to release!

Neill Williams is a mom, wife, and former overworked cog in the corporate wheel. Until she decided to take control of the life she wanted and unbusy it! She is now a Master Life and Scheduling Coach who is helping overwhelmed entrepreneurs do the same with her online courses and podcast Unbusy your Life with Neill Williams

Being busy and in constant “not enough time in the day” mode can stem from a busy mindset. Neill dives into what she calls Mind Hygiene – brain dumping your thoughts and cleaning that out so that your brain can work the way it was designed to. Her goal is to help people understand time but also their mind – how they feel and how they show up in their time.

We discuss a variety of topics such as redefining the word productive and removing the stigma that comes with it. Bringing it back to what productive really means to you and what makes you productive in your own mind. And how unbusy’ing your life can not only bring you balance but also to your loved ones.

You’re not going to want to miss this one.

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