Powering Through

It was an awfully nice day yesterday. Sunny, warm(ish) and the type of day where you just want to be outside. My kids played outside, my wife took some time to do some outdoorsy stuff and I…well, I stayed in. 1

Why did I stay in? Because I had a lot of writing (and editing) to get done…and Sunday is a work day for me. It was really a no-brainer.

I gave up one sunny day now, but by doing so I won’t have to give up many more sunny days that are going to come later.

With a book in the works, editing duties for Lifehack that I needed to get ahead on (due to a day in the skies happening today) and packing for my trip all needing to be worked on, spending time outside yesterday wasn’t in the cards. The sunny days in Victoria are rare at this time of year (although they are becoming less rare as we get into May), but I simply couldn’t justify going outside for the bulk of the day so I could catch some scarce rays.

I decided to power through instead.

I know that June is around the corner. I’d like to have the time then to go outside, enjoy the weather and have some much-deserved free time. July isn’t too far off either. With my daughter out of school then, I’d rather power through now to get stuff done so I can spend more time doing less work then. Same goes for August and September. By doing a lot of front-end work now, I’m setting myself up for free time later.

Having the foresight to power through now will allow me to power down later.

Photo credit: Quinn Dombrowski (CC BY-SA 2.0)

1 Save for mowing the lawn, which had to be done before I took off for Ontario for a week.