It’s Time to Pre-Order The NOW Year

The wait is over…sort of.

(And I’m not talking about today’s Apple announcement, either.)

Newsletter subscribers had a head-start when it came to pre-orders. And while I planned on waiting to unveil my latest work here until next week, I just couldn’t wait to share details of my new self-published eBook with all of you.

As of today pre-orders are now available for The NOW Year: A Practical Guide to Calendar Management.

My last eBook, The Productivityist Workbook, offered a primer on four elements of personal and professional productivity:

  1. Time Management
  2. Task Management
  3. Idea Management
  4. Email Management

My new eBook adds a fifth to the mix: Calendar Management.

And this element is getting an entire book dedicated to exploring it in detail.

Why a book on calendar management?

Having a task management system is crucial, but unless you incorporate your calendar with that system then you’re not going to be as effective as you could be.

This was the one missing piece from my previous eBook. In The NOW Year I’ll dive deeper into the details of calendar management, offering tactics, tools, and tricks to make your calendar a valuable ally in your quest to stop “doing productive” and start “being productive”.

The calendars we use (often ineffectively and inefficiently) go well beyond today and tomorrow, and The NOW Year will help you go forward as well — but far more effectively and efficiently.

What does the “NOW” in The NOW Year stand for?

Essentially, each letter represents an aspect of what you’ll get out of the eBook:

  • N is for New ways to approach your calendar. With this eBook you’ll learn how to really manage your calendar (digital, paper, or both) rather than just refer to it.
  • O is for Own your days, weeks, months, and year. You’ll learn practical tactics and tips — along with some tools from a variety of platforms — to help you really own your calendar instead of feeling like it owns you.1
  • W is for What and When working together. You’ll learn how to take the elements of task and time management and apply them to your calendar so that you can ensure that the “what” and the “when” are working together instead of against each other.

The NOW Year Pre-Order Bonuses

In keeping with the tradition of offering pre-order bonuses with my self-published works, I’ve got a bunch of them this time around as well. It’s my way of giving you something to preview and take in while you await the arrival of the main course. I’d consider these bonuses to be “appetizers” of sorts.

So what will you get when you pre-order The NOW Year?

  1. A series of discussions — The NOW Year Interviews. These are conversations I’ve had with people who move things forward each and every day, including Erik Fisher (host of the podcast Beyond The To Do List ), Mike Rohde (author of The Sketchnote Handbook ), Srinivas Rao (host and co-founder of BlogcastFM ), Todd Henry (author of Die Empty ), Julien Smith (author of several books and co-founder of Breather ), Chase Reeves (, and more. You’ll get over 60 minutes of exclusive content with this bonus alone.
  2. A 5 minute video that discusses calendar strategies, courtesy of fellow productivity specialist Ciara Conlon .
  3. An exclusive video interview with the creator of the NeuYear calendar, Jesse Phillips. Both Jesse and I will offer how we use the NeuYear calendar efficiently and effectively, as well as touch on some of our own calendar tips, tricks, and tactics.

Want to get an idea of what you’ll hear in The NOW Year Interviews? Download the interview I had with my Mikes on Mics co-host and friend, Michael Schechter of Workflowing. I’m offering it for free below, and you can view the interview notes here.2

data-title=”The NOW Interview – Michael Schechter”
data-author=”Mike Vardy”

I’ve also decided to stick with another tradition as well: The price.

When you pre-order The NOW Year: A Practical Guide to Calendar Management, you’ll pay only $5.

Once you’ve placed your order, you’ll get a link sent to you that will enable you to download all of the bonuses immediately. When the eBook is released on Tuesday November 5th, you’ll receive another email, this time with a download link for the eBook.

Remember, once the pre-order period ends (Tuesday November 5th) these bonuses will no longer be available as part of the base NOW Year package. This is your only chance to get a whole lot of material for a price that’s incredibly accessible.

So if you want to start making your calendar work for you rather than against you — and at a price that won’t put a huge dent in your wallet — pre-order The NOW Year: A Practical Guide to Calendar Management today!

1 This eBook will act as an ideal companion piece to The Front Nine. Just saying.
2 The notes included with this interview are unique when compared to other interviews. I’m looking to compile notes for the interviews included in the bonus package at a later date.