The Productivity Six Pack is a set of tools that will help you get more done. You’ll learn how to focus on the things that matter most, and how to do it with simplicity, flexibility, durability, and sustainability in mind. It’s everything you need for your best life yet!

With this pack of productivity tools at your disposal, you’ll never have an excuse not to accomplish what matters most. You’ll find focus in times where it can be hard to do so. And with these simple solutions at hand, there won’t be any reason why you shouldn’t achieve all your goals and dreams. Get ready for a new way of living – one filled with intentionality and purpose!


The Productivity Six Pack features $350+ worth of productivity-boosting products for $99!


Here’s what you’ll get…

The Six is designed for people who are overwhelmed by their workload and need help getting back on track with their productivity. It will help you prioritize your tasks so that you can focus on what matters most without neglecting the rest of your responsibilities.

The Six presents a simple productivity framework that will help you get the right things done without forsaking the demands of others along the way. It works for daily, weekly, and monthly tasks, as well as building projects, habits, and routines.

When we feel overwhelmed, our natural tendency is to try harder – but this often makes us more stressed out and less productive than before because we end up working longer hours without actually accomplishing anything new or different. The Six helps you break through this cycle so that you can start making progress again instead of just spinning around in circles like a hamster on its wheel!

You’ll never have another excuse not to complete your most important work with this easy-to-use framework that helps you prioritize your activities so they align with what matters most in life. Whether it’s at home or at work – The Six will help you accomplish more than ever before!

Here’s what people say about The Six…

This system is so cool… intuitive, easy, makes productivity fun. Sometimes you just have to get back to simple.
Stacey M.
Working with Mike has not only made me more productive. I feel more confident in how I organize my days. And I’ve learned to feel peace in what I accomplish each day, because I know I’ve structured the day so I focus on the right things.
Adam D.
I would urge everyone, students, workers, retirees, etc. to take Mike’s courses and workshops.
Zoie M.
Mike’s courses are always very useful and I look forward to them.
Kari M.

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Here’s what else you’ll get in this limited time offer…

6 Focus Fix Sessions
($120 value)

Focus Fix Sessions allow participants to give focused attention on what they need and want to do – all with the accountability of fellow attendees (Mike Vardy included) to support them along the way. Whether we work in 25 minute or 50 minute increments, each hour-long Focus Fix session is designed to be one of the most productive times you’ll have all week.

The NOW Year Action Plan
($99 value)

We all know that we should set goals for the year, but it’s hard to stay motivated after a few weeks. The NOW Year Action Plan Course is designed to help anyone who wants to have the year they want to happen NOW! Want to see everything you get with The NOW Year Action Plan? Click here.

The Six Seminar
($33 value)

The Six Seminar is a one-hour webinar where I’ll walk you through how easy it is to use The Six framework for drawing attention to the intentions you’ve set for yourself. In this live training, I’ll show you exactly how simple The Six program can be. You’ll see first hand how easy getting started with The Six really is!

The NOW Year Wall Calendar
($24 value)

The NOW Year Wall Calendar gives you a full year at once. You’ll know when important deadlines are approaching, what projects need more attention, and more. Want to see everything you get with The NOW Year Wall Calendar? Click here.

Control Your Calendar
($9 value)

The Control Your Calendar workshop offers a simple framework that helped me become the master of my weeks instead of the other way around. After taking this workshop, you can feel the same way I do: calm, collected, and in control of the weeks ahead.

Control Your Clock
($9 value)

How often do you feel as if you’re not running your clock. but that your clock – and your day – is running you? What if you could run your day instead? What if you could gain (and maintain) control of your clock? Then the Control Your Clock workshop is what you’ve been looking for.

That’s $350+ worth of productivity boosters for just $99!

This limited time offer expires in…

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The Productivity Six Pack is only available for a limited time – as of midnight on November 29th (Cyber Monday) this deal will be done. So if you want to get over $350 of valuable productivity tools for just $99 then don’t procrastinate… get The Productivity Six Pack now!

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