I don’t do new year’s resolutions.
I resolve on an ongoing basis. I like being nimble. I enjoy the idea of being able to be resolute on big things throughout the year as opposed to making them all at once — like at the end of a year where all I should be doing (and want to do) is reflect and recharge).

Today I didn’t write anything other than this. I kept it short on purpose. I sat at my dining room table for a good, long while and simply thought about things. Nothing specific, but I just spent time thinking.

It felt good.

Having the resolve to do more of that when it’s needed is more important than any resolution i can make in the next day or so. Doing that kind of thinking allows to make much more out of the year ahead than stating that I plan to eat better, exercise more, journal regularly, and things of that nature.

Taking the time to do some deep thinking enables me to figure out how I can make the days ahead better. It actually strengthens my resolve because I’ve given much more thought to the bigger picture.

The best way to strengthen your resolve every day is to make the time to build that strength. Thinking does that. Deep thinking does that even more. Only when you strengthen your resolve can nay sort of commitment take hold and be fulfilled.

Remember that when you start to think about your resolutions. After all, intention without attention is nothing.