Welcome Social Media Camp 2018 Attendees!

Welcome Social Media Camp 2018 Attendees!

Thanks for taking the time to join me in my session, The Social Media/Productivity Balancing Act.

The big message I want to make sure you received is as follows:

  1. Do less, better.
  2. Be intentional.
  3. Reduce decision fatigue.

When it comes to picking your 3 (or fewer) social media platforms to focus on, below is a good graphic to help you make that choice.

You can see more resources from this source here. Please note that this infographic is from 2016, so some of the numbers may have changed but the reasoning behind choosing these platforms remain valid. (Oh, and as I mentioned during my talk…it’d be best to leave Google+ alone.)

Even if you go with fewer social media platforms, using tools like Buffer, SmarterQueue (which I use and love – you can check it out here), and Hootsuite can be smart moves. But remember that you need to have a plan in place before you automate. Focus on the approach first, then the apps.

Now…I’ve got some homework for you to do and then I’ll share a free download for you to use.

  1. Look at the above data (as well as any other data you may acquire over the course of this event) and take time to select no more than 3 social media platforms to focus your attention and focus on.
  2. Tweet/Instagram which one(s) you’ve chosen – if you’ve chosen those as your platforms – and let me know by mentioning @productivityist. Rank them if you want, but use the hashtags #smcamp and #my3smc in your post(s).

There you go. Now that you’re on your way and taking action to have less overwhelm and more balance and productivity with your social media, I want to help you have that outcome beyond social media as well.

Here’s how I can help with that.

Remember those people who stood up and role-played as different social media platforms? I’ve decided to share my daily planning sheet, The Daily Driver, with everyone who was there as well.


And here’s another “epilogue” for you…

If you’d like to keep learning from me how you can feel less overwhelm and more productive, then I encourage you to sign up for my weekly email digest, ATTN:. Just enter your email information in the form below and you’ll receive this email from me every weekend.

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Thanks again for taking in my session and I hope you enjoy the rest of Social Media Camp!

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