Welcome 2016 SOHO Attendees!

This year’s Small Office Home Office event offered many tips and tools for organization, marketing, customer service, and productivity. But the tool is only part of the solution when you want to move things forward faster and better than the year before.

What you need is a framework. A system. A plan.

That’s why Mike Vardy, the founder of Productivityist, has developed The NOW Year™ Action Plan to help simplify your life and prepare you for success in 2016 and beyond.

The NOW Year™ Action Plan is based on a simple, durable, and flexible productivity methodology developed by Mike himself. It’s an effective approach that fits well with every facet of your life, no matter what your schedule.

The NOW Year™ Action Plan is $20.16 USD for 2016 (fitting, right?). It’s an absolute bargain at that price.


Here’s what you’ll get in The NOW Year™ Action Plan…

  • The NOW Year™ Action Plan Guide: This short ebook (available in PDF, Kindle, and ePUB formats) outlines a clear, simple way to plan out the actions you want to take 2016.
  • The NOW Year™ Action Plan Audio Program: This companion audio program walks you through the accompanying guide and also adds bonus elements to the mix, including a walkthrough of the yearly and monthly planning process and more.
  • Worksheets and Exercises: These worksheets and exercises will help you map out the year ahead and make sure you stay on the right track as you plan you new year now.
  • The NOW Year™ Action Plan QuickStart Guide: This PDF features printable worksheets that you can use to map out the next year’s optimal themes and allow you to build effective routines – both quintessential aspects when working towards having a year of impact.
  • Additional Bonus Materials: The NOW Year Action Plan will be updated throughout the year and as those new updates and materials are added you’ll get them at no additional cost!

You know you want to level up in 2016. The NOW Year™ Action Plan gives you a simple and yet powerful way to reach new heights. This package is no longer available for sale to the public, but as a SOHO 2016 Attendee, the door is open to you!

Take your year to new heights with The NOW Year™ Action Plan.


Please note that prices are in USD.

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