Getting Started with Productivityist

Getting Started with Productivityist

Welcome to Productivityist – a company built with the quest to help you define your day, filter your focus, and make every moment matter. We do this through a variety of resources designed to help you craft your time in a sustainable way, leading to a more balanced and fulfilling life.

The company was founded by yours truly – writer, speaker, and productivity strategist Mike Vardy – and I continue to be the main driving force behind both the website and the company.

You might be wondering… what exactly is a Productivityist?

I wrote about this way back in 2012, and much of the definition still stands today:

A productivityist is a productivity enthusiast. They are someone who studies productivity, be it the tools or habits. They dive deeper into the realm than most people. Just like a comedian looks at the world differently, so does the productivityist. Productivityists, like other enthusiasts, like to go further in their craft and push boundaries. They like to explore new processes, new ideas, new ways to get things done. And for a while they wind up doing productive more often than being productive…but they start to shift the other way over time.

But the term, like this website, has evolved over the years. A productivityist is also a productivity specialist, and everyone who contributes to this website and this company fit the description of the term in either instance. The Productivityist team has expanded recently to include new contributors and new coaches that help others through their productivity pitfalls through Productivityist Coaching.

The Blog

Hundreds of articles have been published at the Productivityist blog since its creation in early 2011. Below are some of the top posts I’ve ever published in the years of delivering the goods here at Productivityist.

If you want to keep up with the blog, then you can subscribe to the RSS feed here. You can also get updates via email. I also write on a regular basis over at Medium here.

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The Podcast

A Productive Conversation features discussions I have with experts from a variety of fields. Through these conversations, listeners will learn tips and tactics to boost their personal productivity. The show has garnered over 6 million downloads since its inception and is running stronger than ever.

Each episode lasts less than hour and is released every Wednesday. You can subscribe to the podcast using your listening platform of choice (Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts) here.

Articles on this site will often place links to products and apps in posts. In the interest of full disclosure, if you use those links to purchase them then Productivityist will receive a small cut from those sales. Rest assured, we only link out to products that we have put through the paces and believe that readers may get something out of if they try/purchase them as well. We also indicate if we have received a product or app for review purposes in posts.

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