Staying Put

This week I reinvented my blog. I held my first Ready Retreat workshop. I finished my book.1
I did not stay put this week – or in recent weeks for that matter.

But there are certain areas of my life that I made sure I was staying put. I didn’t go out and buy a new desk – and I do want one. I have left pretty much alone since the redesign a week ro so ago. I didn’t run out and buy a new iPad – and I do want one.

I stayed put on many levels this week – and in recent weeks for that matter.

You need to stay put in some areas so that you can go big in others.

There was lot of this theme running through this past week in my online life.

First off, I wrote about what my next choice of iPad will be over at iPhone Hacks. While the piece revolves around size and use case, it was a great piece for me to write so I could take a good look at what’s out there so I could make an informed decision. You can check out the piece here – and see what I’m going to buy as well.

On Mikes on Mics this week, our guest Myke Hurley had a discussion with Mr. Schechter and I about the positive aspects of a full-time job when you are pursuing a side project. It was great to revisit the topic of self-employment vs. a traditional career, and having been on both sides of the equation both of the other namesakes had a lot to discuss with one another…and with yours truly.

Sometimes we move forward so often that we forget to stick around and survey the landscape better before we press onward. The risk of staying put is only great when we linger for so long that we forgot where we wanted to go, how we got to where we are in the first place, and – worse still – how to get out of there.

1 Yep. The book is done. As soon as I have publishing details, I’ll let you know. It feels great to be done. And even greater to be thinking about the next one.