Step Away from the App

When people ask me “What app should I use to help me be more productive?” I have a simple answer. “I don’t know.”

How To Use Multiple Task Managers

While it is ideal to have one task management solution on an ongoing basis, for some of us that just isn’t a reality.

Maybe it’s because you have to use a specific app for work and you don’t want to use it for activities outside of work. Perhaps others on your team use different tools that you don’t want to use. Maybe the tool you use doesn’t allow for collaborative task management but has an outstanding feature set that is very tough to beat – such as OmniFocus. Just because you have to have to look for tasks in multiple places doesn’t mean that you can’t be organized about it.

How to Take OmniFocus to the Next Level

I had the privilege of reviewing Creating Flow with OmniFocus 2 by Kourosh Dini and I took many positive influences from it. In fact, the mainstay of my current setup is down to the advice and recommendations that are laid out in the book.

I’m going to discuss one aspect of my setup which has been heavily influenced by Creating Flow with OmniFocus 2 and that is Dashboard Perspectives

Review – Mail Pilot 2 for iOS

Mail Pilot has been a popular email management application since it was released as a kickstarter web application in September 2012. It is the brainchild of Alexander Obenauer and Joshua Miles who wanted to find a way of being able to reimagine how email is handled within our modern workflows and uses. It has evolved gradually since then and is now available on all of our Apple devices.

Review: Good Todo

Some people – check that – lots of people, need to be able to pick up a device, regardless of their location and interact with their daily list of tasks. Period. No messing around with various contexts, calculating how long a task will take to complete, playing with defer dates and the like. They also want the ability to be able to add to their to-do list directly from their email as this is where a lot of their actionable tasks originate.

Review: Contact Center for iOS

Contact Center by Contrast takes the power of Launch Center Pro and simplifies it so that it can be utilised by a wider audience.

Why The Approach is More Important Than The Application

“What task management/to-do list app should I use?” I get asked this question a lot. Here’s my answer, every time: “I don’t know.” There is no shortage of to-do list and task management apps to choose from, no matter the platform you’re using. But that’s not why I’ve never come out and said that any

The Productivityist OmniFocus Themes

While I’ve never used anything but the stock OmniFocus theme before, my pal CM Smith (who helped me shape the look of this site) was inspired to put together some custom themes on the heels of the news that I’ll be sitting on The OmniFocus Setup panel in late January during MacWorld|iWorld. He created both

Review: Checkmark 2 For iOS

Checkmark arrived on the scene in 2012 with a lot of fanfare, and rightly so. It took location awareness and coupled it with task management in a way that set it apart from the rest of the pack. If the app Due is considered to be “Reminders on steroids” then I’d say that Checkmark was