Episode 522: Failure | PM Talks S1:E4

Dive into PM Talks with Patrick Rhone as we explore the nuanced relationship between failure, choice, and the growth that follows in our latest episode.

Episode 520: Ian Morgan Cron Talks About Enneagram Self-Discovery

Dive deep into the Enneagram with Ian Morgan Cron and discover how it can illuminate your path to self-discovery and personal growth. Explore key insights from “The Story of You” and learn practical steps to rewrite your personal narratives for a more authentic life.

Episode 519: Lindsey Roy Talks About Overcoming Adversity with Perspective

Join us in an inspiring conversation with Lindsey Roy as she shares her extraordinary journeys of overcoming adversity through a shift in perspective. Discover how embracing vulnerability, focusing on what’s important, and cherishing the simple joys in life can lead to profound personal growth and well-being.

Episode 518: Nuance | PM Talks S1:E3

Dive into our latest PM Talks episode with Patrick Rhone, where we explore the significance of nuance in productivity and creativity. From the evolution of language to personal stories of art and encounters with celebrities, this episode is a rich tapestry of insights on living a more nuanced, thoughtful life.

Episode 517: Chris Knudsen Talks About Unconventional Business Wisdom

Join me, Mike Vardy, as I sit down with Chris Knudsen to discuss the unconventional wisdom behind writing a business book, overcoming challenges, and the journey from corporate life to self-employment. Dive into our conversation on “Trust Me, I’m a Consultant” for insights into career development, the importance of self-education, and the balance between happiness and productivity.

Episode 514: Choices | PM Talks S1:E2

Join me and Patrick Rhone in a captivating episode as we explore happiness, contentment, and the power of personal choices. Dive into the heart of minimalism, goal setting, and intentional living.