Episode 531: Writing | PM Talks S1:E6

Welcome to the latest episode of PM Talks, our monthly series on A Productive Conversation where I engage in thought-provoking conversations with my good friend Patrick Rhone.

This time around we dive deep into our unique approaches to writing, balancing productivity, and embracing creative freedom. Patrick and I share our experiences with writer’s block and self-doubt, discuss curating blog content into book format, and highlight the value of writing for personal growth.

Key Discussion Points

  • We discuss our busy schedules, including Patrick’s circus performances and my NFL Draft viewing.
  • I talk about the reality of multitasking, such as doing admin work while watching the NFL Draft.
  • Patrick prefers quiet or ambient noise for focus, avoiding music with lyrics.
  • We stress getting ideas out of our heads, even if they’re not fully formed.
  • Strategies for capturing ideas include writing them down, using instrumental music, and muting distractions.
  • Differences between blog writing and book writing, and focusing on one or the other.

Patrick and I also reflect on the challenges and rewards of writing. We delve into the importance of intentionality and consistency in our writing practices, sharing practical strategies for overcoming creative blocks and maintaining productivity. Our conversation offers valuable insights for writers and creatives looking to enhance their craft.

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