Taking Advantage of Mail Drop

Mail Drop isn’t necessarily a new feature for OmniFocus users, but perhaps the way I have just started using it will be.
Or perhaps I should say the way “we” have just started using it.

Spurred on by the conversation Michael Schechter and I had with Gentry Underwood (CEO of Orchestra, the developers behind the incredibly popular Mailbox iOS app) on Episode 55 of Mikes on Mics, I’ve decided to make my Mail Drop address one that I share with my wife. We’re going to see if we can alter our communication behaviour enough so that she uses my Mail Drop address for anything she wants me to do, and my regular Gmail address for everything else.

I’ve already been forwarding tasks from my various mail apps (Postbox on Mac, Mailbox on iPhone, Mail.app on iPad) to my Mail Drop address, and now I’m inviting the most important person in my life to email tasks directly there instead. We’ve tried Flow in the past — she liked it, but not enough to make her use it on a full-time basis1 — so we’re going to try doing this and see if we can skip the email inbox for tasks and go right to the OmniFocus inbox.

Will it stick? I’m not sure. But it certainly is worth a shot.

1 At this point Flow would be my ideal collaborative task manager, so if this sticks then maybe a return to Flow might be in the cards for us as a team.