Session Notes: How to Avoid Busy-Work Both Online and Offline

In this session, I discuss how to do your best to achieve that ever-elusive balance that we are all seeking. From how to handle social media, how to get more out of your day by adopting the mentality of a “productivityist”, and how to throw convention out the window when you need to. I offer up tools, tips, and resources you can rely on to help you through your ongoing journey.
These notes are currently abridged with links included. I’ll be adding more depth over time as this is a living document. If you need any clarity on any of these points, feel free to contact me.


Task/Time Management


  • What they are for (specific appointments)
  • What they aren’t for (task management)
  • Tools (Cozi, Doodle, BusyCal)
  • Start dates are more important than due dates

Social Media

  • Social Networks: The Big Picture
  • More steak, less sizzle
  • Picking the right platforms for you (pick 3)
  • Put the horse before the cart (have something to offer, then offer it)

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