Talking is Dead: Number 23

While all of my hype has been around a certain new podcast that I launched this week, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention another podcast I co-host with my pal Anth1 that just reached its 23rd episode.
I’m talking about Talking is Dead.2

While it isn’t always short, it’s definitely a sweet offering. I get to talk about all of the stuff I generally don’t get to anywhere else. Ironically, TiD is what keeps my talking on other matters from becoming “dead” on the web.

This week, I started things off with a mention of juggling3, and then we veered off into dangerous toys, ThunderCats, comic books and the frequency each of us visits our local shopping mall.

And while Talking is Dead may not happen weekly, it is a pretty cool thing when it does happen.

1 Who also co-hosts this podcast with me and two other guys.
2 You can subscribe, rate and review it here.
3 I’m going to discuss where I was going to with that right here tomorrow.