Tallking is Dead: Nicknames, Concerts and Twitter Whores

Talking is Dead is the podcast where I get to simply go off about anything. I’m not tied to any topic or meme whatsoever, and by the good graces of my co-host Anthony Marco, he lets me wax poetic idiotic as I see fit. Sometimes he even gets to talk.
Earlier this week, Anth and I chatted about a bunch of randomness on the 25th instalment of the podcast. The randomness included:

  • How my taxes just went down…or up.
  • The endowing of nicknames.
  • My decision to revitalize the Eventualism Twitter account. Did it make me a Twitter whore?
  • Memories of past concerts and why we rarely go to present-day ones.

This podcast is a fun one for me, and this episode was no different.