Thank you for purchasing TimeCrafting in Todoist

If you’re here then you purchased TimeCrafting in Todoist from someone that you trust. I’m glad you decided to join me in this program – a program that I know you’ll get a lot of value out of as both a Todoist user and someone looking to get started (or more adept) with my TimeCrafting productivity approach.

I made this short video for you. Take a moment to watch it.

What’s Next?

You should receive an email from ConvertKit shortly (if you haven’t already) that will include your private invitation link to the TimeCrafting in Todoist space in Circle. Once you’re in that space, you’ll be able to go through the program. download the Todoist project template, and much more.

If for any reason you have any challenges accessing this program, just reply to the welcome email or the receipt email sent your way so we can get you sorted straight away.

Remember that TimeCrafting in Todoist will officially launch on August 31st, 2022. If you’ve purchased before then you can still go through the circle space to see what you can do in preparation for launch day. (One thing involves getting 2 FREE months of Todoist Pro, so be sure to jump on that offer before September 30th!)

Thanks again for purchasing TimeCrafting in Todoist. I’m looking forward to helping you get the most out of TimeCrafting with Todoist.

See you later,

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