The Amateur, The Professional and The Expert

The Amateur has a real passion for what she’s doing, but it’s currently a hobby or she is simply not getting paid for her efforts yet. She dabbles in other things though, things that she gets paid for and things that she doesn’t.

The Professional has enough experience to charge for what they’re doing, and if she was The Amateur at one point (which undoubtedly she was),she still has a passion for it. She may get paid for her passion now, but she has to look at a much larger scope of what she can do to bring in more money without sacrificing the things other things she dabbles in for no pay.

The Expert may get paid for what she’s doing — or she may not. But she is passionate enough about it to have reached a level of expertise that shows both effort and experience. She thrives on her passion, and strives to get better at it because it is that passion that drives her and not the dollars it may bring.

All three must keep learning to stay at their current status or if they aspire to move to another. Often it is The Expert1 who can do this more easily than the others. Her drive is faster and more direct than her counterparts.

Which one are you?

Better yet, which do you aspire to become?

Best yet, what will you do to become that?