The Appeal of

Noise can get in the way of productivity. Social networks are becoming noisier and noisier, and many of them are less useful as a result. But there’s one out there I’ve been using since it launched that remains a source of more serenity – and more utility as of late.

That social network is

It’s the newest kid on the block, but it’s newness is one of its most appeaking aspects. It reminds me a lot of early Twittter; you can engage and find things easier. I’m able to have clearer conversations on than most other social networks (I’d say Google+ is the exception to this), and the interface is clean and simple.

The thing about that also appeals to me is that it’s a paid social network. Why does that appeal to me? Because it keeps only those who are interested in using it there (at least for now). But better still, it means the user has a greater degree of control than on a free social network. The team is committed to its users rather than to advertisers; that’s an important distinction since other platforms are leaning towards mediums for marketing rather than for conversation.

I can pop into and have conversations, ask questions, get advice, share things, and not get sucked in nearly as deep. I’m in and I’m out – which is great for my productivity.

The team at have given me 100 invites that will give those who want to give teh service a go a chance to do so. This invite is for the free tier only, and once the number of invites are gone then they are gone (I won’t be tracking it, so if you’re number 101, you’ll know courtesy of and not yours truly). You can grab an invite here.

I hope you’ll join me on I think you’ll like it.