The Fate of Eventualism

I’ve been walking away from a lot of things lately. First it was ProductiVardy. Then it was Dyscultured. I’ve even walked away from paying writing gigs so that I can work better at the things that matter most to me in both my work and my life.

That brings me to the thing that brought me to the dance: Eventualism.

You see, I really don’t know what do with it at this juncture…which is appropriate considering the very nature of the site.

I’ve had a few ideas, but none have really got me moving. Here are just some of them:

  • Further separating myself from the site by creating a new alter ego to run it.
  • Publishing a written post once per month.
  • Diving back into it with more than just a monthly frequency.
  • Doing something like a video podcast along with a written post every month.
  • Diversifying the content by broadening it a bit more, making it more of a parody of productivity sites and systems rather than just productivity itself.
  • Abandoning it altogether.

No matter which way I go, I need to take the person I am now – a person that essentially was borne out of Eventualism – and distance him from it. Basically, Mike Vardy can no longer be the visible person behind the site; someone else has to be calling the shots. A new alter ego of sorts. Even guest posts. I don’t know all of where it will (and should) go, but I know it can’t be put off. Even an Eventualist has to do something at some point.

My work at Eventualism has been a springboard for my success, and it’s a site that I just don’t want to kill. Last summer I spoke with my friend Corwin Hiebert over a beer while I was in Vancouver, and that conversation stayed with me. He said I had something with Eventualism, and I believe I still do. I’ve written a “faux manifesto” based on my work there called The Eventual Planifesto – which will be available for a limited time (after which you can contact me and I’ll “eventually” send it your way for free) — and still have plenty of material for the site. It’s an escape for me to write there.

That said, over the past few months I haven’t been escaping very much.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this. If you’d be so inclined, take a look at Eventualism and check out some of the work I’ve done there. Any feedback would be appreciated, whether it be on the content or on ideas for direction. I think Eventualism still has a place, I just need to figure out where that is – and if it’s me that has to be the one to find its place.

And, frankly, even a productivityist can use a kick in the ass every once in a while.

Photo credit: Gregg Eligh