The Hard Stuff

It’s easy to spend money. It’s hard to save it.

It’s easy to spend time. It’s hard to save it.

It’s easy to say “no” to the right things and say “yes” to the wrong things when the former takes more effort than the latter. That’s why we often spend more time on what isn’t necessarily going to move us forward.

So how do you tackle the hard stuff instead of the easy stuff?

Plan accordingly. Set up a system. Use that system to help you conserve your energy so that you can do the hard stuff more often. Shift between doing some easy stuff and some hard stuff, but make sure you don’t overextend yourself on the easy stuff.

Think about it this way. Doing the easy stuff is like rolling a one through three on a die, but doing the hard stuff is like rolling a four through six.

With that in mind…what would you rather roll more often?

Photo credit: somadjinn via SXC.HU