The Journey to Markdown: On the Results

Well, it’s been an interesting ride.
I’ve learned a lot and have tried out a lot of different applications along the way. To sum up my journey, I’m going to answer a series of questions below that should provide some sort of closure to this saga.

What did I gain out of learning Markdown?

Firstly, a ton of efficiency. I can now write online much faster than before and know that I’ll pick up steam the more I use this excellent language.

I also became more knowledgable in the sheer amount of apps I tried. There’s no substitute for experience, and I experienced a ton of software during this journey.

What are my apps of choice that support Markdown?

Well, on my Mac I’m using Byword, on my iPad I’m using Writing Kit, and on my iPhone I’m not using anything – because I haven’t done much writing on my iPhone.

That said, Nebulous Notes may very well make its way into my workflow, as will Marked. After my upcoming trip to MacWorld/iWorld, I’m certain I’ll have a lot more Markdown-enabled apps to give some time to.

Should you learn Markdown?

In a word: Yes.

In more than a word: If you are doing any writing online then having a working knowledge of Markdown in your arsenal is a huge asset. Even if you’re only writing show notes for a podcast.1

Will I dig deeper into Markdown?

Yes, because I’ve only scratched the surface of not only what syntax I’m using, but what apps I’ve tried as well. As Markdown continues to grow in popularity, I’m sure we’ll see more Markdown apps (and Markdown-integrated apps) hit the market.

Why did it take me so long to wrap this series – and this journey?

At first, I thought I could learn it in a weekend. And Brett was right – I could have.

But given the time I had and the stuff I had to do in said time, it wasn’t possible. So I spread it out over a much longer stretch of time so I could give my best analysis on what learning and implementing Markdown did for me and my workflow.

As for the journey, it’s far from over. That’s because I am still writing and will be writing for, well…forever. I am a writer, after all – and primarily an online one. I’ll keep exploring better (or more suitable) ways for me to use Markdown just as I have with productivity apps. It’s in my nature.

Thanks for sticking with me during this series. I’ll be doing more of these kinds of things in the future.2

Mark my words.

1 I’m talking to you, Myke Hurley.
2 I’d love to hear your thoughts and comments on my findings. As I said, I’m always looking for better and more suitable ways to make my workflow, er…flow.

Photo credit: HK Colin (CC BY-SA 2.0)