The Latest

My friend Patrick Rhone still has his original iPad.

So do I.

That may make me one of the latest to get a new iPad, but that’s fine. Right now, my iPad does everything I need it to do…which is more than fine.

It’s funny how “the latest” can have multiple meanings. It can mean the most recent in terms of technology or, to be more vague, things. It can also mean to be the last one to accomplish a thing, as in the following statement:

“Of all the people who were supposed to submit the proposal, Mike’s was the latest.”

But it can also be good to be late – or even the latest.

Sometimes when you’re the latest, you get to watch what others do and learn from them. And that can ultimately mean a better result for you and for the thing you’re the latest in (or with).

The latest isn’t always better, but it isn’t always worse either. But it always means that something has happened, regardless of the timing of that something.

The bottom line: Don’t get worried about your thing being (or not being) the latest. Instead, just do your thing – and you’ll worry far less and do a lot more.

And even if you’re the latest with that thing, no one else will worry. Because your latest thing will be that good.

Photo credit: Rob DeCaterino (CC BY 2.0)