The Little Things

The little things matter.
How they matter may vary depending on what you’re doing, but they do matter. Sometimes the smallest of things can get in the way of the bigger picture, like tiny sticky notes covering up the real meat of your paper planner. Sometimes the little things can weigh the most, especially if they come at you when you least expect them – and have thought you’ve done all you can to keep them at bay.

The little things can grow into bigger things. They move along The Eisenhower Matrix like ducks in a carnival game, hard to hit and frustrating you to no end. Then new little things come along to replace the ones that got bigger, and soon the big things that are really important to you are completely hidden from sight.

Capturing the little things is important. Noticing them and dealing with them matters. Failing to do any of that means that they become bigger than they need to be, and that means you take your focus away from where it needs to be.

How you handle the little things correaltes to how you handle the big things. All are important for different reasons. All are different for important reasons. The trick is to figure out what the differences and reasons are for you.