The Longest Day of the Year

While summer hasn’t exactly arrived in Victoria yet, today is the longest day of the year around these parts. That’s doesn’t mean there are more hours in the day, but there are definitely more hours of daylight in the day to play with. Seeing as I’m handling the stay-at-home parent duties solo for the rest of this month, I plan on taking full advantage of the day – perhaps even more so than usual.

But how?

I’ve set myself up to enjoy it. Plans have been laid, words have been written, time has been set aside. I’ll write some, play some, work some and play some more. And hopefully I’ll get to do it all outside…weather permitting.

It’s the longest day of the year. I’m going to make sure I enjoy every last drop of it. Drink up the day, folks. Not just today…but every day.

If you haven’t been doing that, you might as well start with the longest day. That way you can make short work of any of the other ones that are bound to come your way.

Photo credit: Taro Taylor (CC BY 2.0)