The Plight of Molly Campbell

This is the first post I’ve written here since the transition from to that is fairly removed from the topic of productivity in some form or another. But it’s one I wanted to write anyway…because it was an important one to write.
This piece is about Molly Campbell, a little girl from my community that only has one thing on her to do list: beat cancer.

Despite the Campbell family living in my neighborhood and that some of her siblings go to my daughter’s school, I’ve never really seen Molly…to my knowledge. That said, I know she has played on the playground at the school, among all of the other kids her age. I couldn’t pinpoint her in the crowd because she was playing like any other child — just like my own two-year old son — which really is the point. Her cancer was in remission, she was healthy, and she was doing what she was supposed to be doing: being a kid.

Now she’s fighting cancer once again. That’s something a kid shouldn’t have to do. It’s something no one should have to do.

Molly is currently at a hospital that I’ve heard fellow 70Decibels host Stephen Hackett mention many times on his site, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. After what Stephen has said about the facility — and what I’ve heard third-hand about what Molly and her family is experiencing there — I’m certain she’s getting the best care possible. Even though her family isn’t completely together (part of her family is here in Victoria, her parents are with her in Memphis), where she is right now is the best place she could be…given the circumstances.

But ideally, she should be at home….cancer-free.

There’s not much I can do, but I’m going to do what I can.

  • I’m donating a personalized productivity session to the auction taking place at our local coffeehouse on March 2nd. The session will be two hours long and will cover productivity topics of the winner’s choosing. They will also get a free copy of all 4 Ready Retreat Digital Workbooks and a copy of The Front Nine e-book. I’m donating two of these (which are valued at $265 each) so if you live in or around the Greater Victoria area, I encourage you to come by and help support a worthy cause.
  • I’m going to offer a way to allow those who want to donate can do so.
  • I’m going to look into becoming a bone marrow donor as well. Fellow Canadians can explore that option here and Americans can look into it here. It’s notoriously tough to find a donor, and Molly has already had two transplants. The more people that put themselves up for testing, the more samples there are to test which will ultimately lead to more donors. That means more chances for those who need transplants. It’s as simple as that.

Finally, I’m also going to keep Molly and her family in my thoughts. And I hope that if nothing else, you’ll do the same. Because cancer — which has affected me in that my father had skin cancer and cancer has claimed the lives of my father-in-law and my grandmother — sucks…and it needs to be stopped.