The Process

The process is far from easy.

Sometimes the procedures get in the way of the process. The checking (or completing) of tasks that are to be done put the process in jeopardy. The assessing of tasks (or projects) on the list put the process on hold. The distractions and disruptions that are part of everyday life interrupt the process from time to time. And that’s even when the process is so ingrained that it is second nature.

This is my first bit of writing posted here this week. I’ve posted 5 vines, many social media updates, and written a bunch of stuff that either isn’t ready for primetime yet or never will be. I’ve made progress on a bunch of things, and that’s due in part to clearing some of the other things that interfered with the process out of the way.

The process allows for progress.

It allows for procedures to be built — and sustained. It allows for projects to be realized — and kiboshed before they even really begin. The process is so long practiced that is almost innate, but the fact it isn’t innate is actually a good thing. Because sometimes the process needs to take a back seat so that purpose can be explored once again.

Then the process can be applied once that exploration is complete. Until it needs to be done again. The process is never easy. It evolves when needed and is there regardless.

Knowing what to do, doing it, then acknowledging it is done. A series of processes is what makes up a day, a week, a month, a year.

A life.

But if you don’t look past the process from time to time, then the process becomes more about doing and less about being. It becomes more robotic and less human. It becomes about quantity and less about quality.

The process is never easy. Neither is purpose (which can determine process) or progress (which can be achieved by process). That’s why we tweak. That’s why we fiddle. That’s why we blindly do. Because doing that stuff is far easier — both now and later.

I looked at my processes this week — in writing and in a myriad of other things. I found some broken elements — both in my processes and in my purpose — and I’m making the adjustments needed to keep doing what I need (and want) to do today, tomorrow, next week, next month, and beyond.

And I know I’ll have to do that again someday. I’m okay with that.

Are you?