The Productive Macs Bundle Returns

Today marks the return of Apparent Software’s productivity app package known as the Productive Macs bundle — and this year’s included apps are pretty darn stellar. And you can save 85% by buying them in the bundle — they’re usually $264 separately. Productive Macs is offering them all for just $39.99.
Included in the 8 app bundle are three of my favourites:

  • Fantastical – My calendar app of choice on my MacBook Air.
  • BusyCal – A great way to keep everyone connected; I’m not the only one that uses it to keep my wife and I in sync.
  • LaunchBar – This replaced Quicksilver on my MacBook Air, and i’ve only scratched the surface with what it can do. So much better than the native Launchpad.

This time around, the folks at Productive Macs are offering 50 prizes in The Big Raffle. Prizes include two apps that I’m particularly fond of  – Soulver and Flow.

In order to enter, you need to either buy the bundle, follow them on Twitter or give them a “like” on Facebook. Then again, you could do all three and get three entries, so there’s that.

The Productive Macs bundle is around for 15 days in total, so grab it while you can. Even if you have some of these apps already, every app in the bundle (and in The Big Raffle) while do its part to level up your productivity as you head into 2012.

‘Tis the season to treat yourself to enhanced productivity on your Mac. Why not treat yourself — and others1 — by picking up the Productive Macs bundle today?

1 Full disclosure: I’m an affiliate, so you’re helping me out monetarily and the countless others you’ll be helping by being more productive.