The Productive Power Of Green

I use green in my OmniFocus themes. The primary colour used at Productivityist is green. I colour code with green on paper and in other apps I use where I can. It’s used in the logo of the podcast I do with Michael Schechter, Mikes on Mics.

There are also several apps out there that are green, including ones I use regularly like Basil (which I’ve written about before). But the one I use most often is Evernote.

I’m a big fan of green, and there’s plenty of reasons why the colour green has a certain productive power about it.

  • Green means go. To be fair, the traffic light needs amber and red just as much as it needs green. But it’s the green that keeps things moving forward and ultimately helps people get to their destinations.
  • Green is the colour of will. I’ve written about my fondness for Green Lantern before, and tapping into the colour green doesn’t just help the Green Lantern Corps in their battles – it helps me with my battles.
  • Green symbolizes luck – especially on St. Patrick’s Day. We all need a little luck to move things forward in the right direction.
  • Green also is the colour of envy. But envy isn’t necessarily bad when directed properly. In fact, envy can drive you to be better.
  • Green equals growth. If the grass is green and the trees are filled with leaves, you know it’s a time of growth. Even the smell of fresh-cut grass and the smell of pine in the air signifies progress in some sense.

So go ahead, embrace green like I have. It may wind up being more than a colour when you do embrace it. In fact, the productive power of green may ultimately become a symbol of success.

Photo credit: mlkdesign via SXC.HU