The Productive Weekend

The weekend is upon us.

Tonight I’ll conduct my Weekly Review (as per David Allen’s Getting Things done methodology and doing so within OmniFocus). Then I’ll relax, knowing that I’ve set myself up for the week to come.

Tomorrow I’ll spend some time in Evernote, updating my beer cellar entries and compiling photos of the items my wife and I plan to offload during upcoming online sales and an “offline” yard sale. (conducting a yard sale with Evernote at the ready is going to be huge for us. And while it didn’t come directly from the pages of Brett Kelly’s Evernote Essentials, using Evernote for it was certainly inspired by his great book.)

Then we’ll start planting food in our urban garden. Again, we’re using Evernote (and I’m also using OmniFocus) to keep tabs on that as well.

(I’ll be writing some posts on how I use both apps for these “non-technology related” projects in the next couple of weeks here, so stay tuned.)

Then we’ll do more of this relaxation stuff that neither of us get enough of these days.

Sunday marks the beginning of a new week, and I’ll dive back into the writing. But not before some quality family time in the early part of the day. I’ve been able to do more of that lately, mainly due to an adjustment in my own work schedule…but also due to the fact that spending time with my entire family is just as important as the time I spend on Tuesdays and Wednesdays at home with just my son.

I’ll also spend some time reading this weekend, which is something else I’ve been able to do a lot more as of late.

Indeed, it’s the weekend. Time for a different kind of productivity. A productivity that is no less important than the kind I deliver during the week. In fact, I’d say that doing the right things during the week sets you up do just the same on the weekend…which makes the weekend all the more enjoyable.