The Productivityist Workbook: Now on Amazon!

Today I’m pleased to announce that The Productivityist Workbook is now available directly from Amazon.

It’s priced a little bit less than the version sold here . It’s only $2.99 through Amazon because you’ll only be getting the MOBI version. (That said, it does include a download link within its pages so that readers can get printable worksheets for the exercises for free.)

You can buy The Productivityist Workbook directly from Amazon here.

If you’ve already bought The Productivityist Workbook from this site, then over the next week you’ll receive an email allowing you to download both the MOBI and EPUB files for free. (The EPUB version is only available through my site at the moment — I’m still waiting for approval from Apple to sell The Productivityist Workbook directly through iBooks.) Remember that if you want mutiple formats of the workbook, then buy it directly through this site — you can’t get all the formats buying anywhere else.

Thanks again to the 970(!) people that have picked up The Productivityist Workbook so far. Now that I’ve added some additional formats to the mix, I’m hoping it’ll get into the hands of even more people — and help them out with their productivity in the process.

To those who have already bought the workbook, I’d love it if you could leave a review on Amazon or Goodreads to help spread the word. You could also write about how it may have helped you out on your blog or share your thoughts on it through Twitter, Facebook, Google+, or any other social networks you see fit. Ultimately I want to get The Productivityist Workbook in the hands of as many people as possible — but I’ll need some help to do that. That’s where you come in.

Thanks again to those who have added The Productivityist Workbook to their digital libraries. If you’re thinking about doing the same but are still on the fence, you can read more about the workbook here.