Things Change

As I was driving my daughter home from swimming lessons today, we saw several folks wearing Vancouver Canucks jerseys walking down the street. There is a big game tonight, one that pretty much spells the end of the Canucks’ season should they lose. I pointed the gang of jerseyed people out ot her and she asked why they were wearing them. I explained it to her, and she said that she liked hockey…but not that much.

The funny thing is, neither do I at this point in my life.

Writing this may get my Canadian citizenship revoked, since we’re all “supposed” to love hockey, but I do still love it. I watch the game and I enjoy it. I’ve actually got that very Canucks game streaming in the background right now. But it’s my passion for the game that has been usurped by other things. Things like family, writing, and hanging out with friends while enjoying a quality drink ro two (or more). Things like reading, like doing yard work, and like watching a movie with my wife. Things like keeping tabs on the Cincinnati Bengals, a team from a completely different sport altogether.1

Basically, a lot of other things.

Things change. Things move up and down in priority. Old things get replaced by new things, and sometimes those old things come back and replace the formerly new things once again.

Whatever you want to call these “things”, they will always change in some way or another. I’ve noticed this more in the last little while, especially when making decisions to stop doing certain things. And I’ve noticed by keeping a productivity system in place that I’ve been able to better judge those things so that they best fit who I am now, as well as what is important to me now. The system has aided in my awareness, and my awareness has helped me filter out some things while adding some new things to the mix. I like hockey, but it doesn’t take precedent over a lot of my other things anymore.

What things have slid down your list, either by design or otherwise? I’d love to hear about them in the comments.

Photo credit: Kyle Freeman (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0)

1And consider the Bengals are an NFL team and we have our own league up here. So there’s that.