Think Different, Achieve Different

When one goes traveling, the getting there and back offers some downtime. I used to take that time to either decompress from what I learned during my hectic travel schedule or re-evaluated where I was at in my life.

But a few years back, something was different when I attempt3d to do that.

I found that I was not weary when I did them. I was in a position where I had worked really hard and taken advantage of opportunities that allowed me to make changes in my life that would seem major to many, but were minor in my own eyes at the time.

That was because I spent the previous three years getting to where I was at through a different kind of thinking. And I still use that process today.

The process is still thorough, but it is unfettered. It isn’t weighed down by “what-ifs” and uncertainty that has frozen me in my tracks. It has become a process where I don’t think about the worst case scenarios any longer. Instead I think about how I can overcome those worst case scenarios and push forward regardless. It’s that type of thinking that has led to some pretty great achievements.

I’m doing more of what I love to do more than ever before and it is because I changed my thought patterns. I’m getting to do even more of what I love to do because I’m achieving more in those areas. Thinking differently has led to achieving differently. I’m truly working smarter, not harder.

In short, here’s how you can do that: Really spend time thinking about where you want to be and not where you are. You’ll get where you want to be a lot faster.