Thinking Ahead

I’m watching Steve Jobs: The Lost Interview right now — for the first time.

And as I write this he is talking about how the web is going to change things. We’ll be buying things we used to buy in catalogs online instead. He goes on to talk about how the human race builds things that make us better – better than what we should be able to do innately.

I look at him and I see him processing. Continuously processing. Being thoughtful.

Thinking ahead.

He knew what he liked. He knew what he ultimately wanted.He thought about things so much that he thought ahead nearly all of the time. I think his to-do list was there, but it was certainly guided by things he had thought about way ahead of time. The things that he really wanted out of what he was doing.

The best thing we can do on a daily basis is take time to think ahead. When we start doing that, we gain more time as a result. With that time, we can get to do the things that are well beyond the day-to-day to-do lists.

And those are the things that really move us forward.