Today is important. Not because it gives you a chance to get closer to where you want to be tomorrow, but because if gives you a chance to shape a better tomorrow.
Today is fresh. It’s a clean slate. A blank piece of paper. What you do with it will determine whether the days to come are just as fresh – or run the risk of being stale.

Today is unique. It wasn’t like yesterday. It won’t be like tomorrow. How it will rank in your weeks, months, and years down the road will be fashioned more by how you treat it, not by how it treats you.

Today is powerful. It can make or break you…if you let it.

Today is now. You’re not getting another day exactly like it, so make it count.

Make today matter. Make it matter the way you want it to matter — it’s not for anyone else to do that. Don’t settle for anything less from today…because you deserve the most of what today has to offer.