Productivityist Screencast: Dropbox

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Below you’ll find screencasts that chronicle how Productivityist founder Mike Vardy evolved his process of using Dropbox through the use of The Ultimate Unofficial Dropbox Guide. Beginning in June 2015, each of these screencasts offers insights as to what he was doing and what he does now as a result of the guide.

Screencast 1: June 2015

In this screencast, Mike goes over his current Dropbox setup. There are some interesting things that he does with Dropbox as of this recording, but he also addresses what needs work.

Screencast 2: July 2015

Coming mid-July 2015

Screencast 3: September 2015

Coming mid-September 2015

Screencast 4: November 2015

Coming mid-November 2015

Screencast 5: January 2016

Coming mid-January 2015

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