You Gotta Listen

While I have delivered my essential podcast subscriptions here recently, this week I’d be remiss if I didn’t recommend some one-off episodes that “you gotta listen” to1:

Back to Work: Rob Corddry and Jonathan Coulton

With Dan Benjamin on parental sabbatical, Merlin Mann has brought in a couple of linchpins to chat with in Childrens Hosptial’s Rob Corddry and internet music sensation Jonathan Coulton.

The Bro Show

Patrick Rhone returns for a guest appearance on one of his Enough partner’s other podcasts. David Foster Wallace gets a mention off the top, and it just gets better from there.

Affirmation Nation with Bob Ducca

I can’t believe I’ve missed this one. Shame on me. Each episode is a gem…and they’re short. And exceedingly funny.

1 Not including the ones I do, of course.