The NOW Year™ Method Opt-In Thank You Page


I think it’s awesome that you’ve decided to check out what I’ve created with The NOW Year™ Method. The PDF you’ve just requested is just the beginning of what we’re going to be offering as we roll out this new productivity methodology in mid-to-late 2016.


…since you decided to ask for the basic workflow now you’ll be getting more details on the plans for The NOW Year™ Method in advance. I’ll deliver content that will help you get more out of this approach so that when we launch things you’ll be well-versed in the methodology and have seen qualitative AND quantitative increases in your personal productivity.

I’ll be sharing more with you in the weeks ahead, but in the meantime you can add to your collection of free downloads from Productivityist by grabbing a posterized copy of my manifesto – The Way of The Productivityist – here. Then stick around to see more that we offer at Productivityist by starting here.

Thanks again,
Mike Vardy
Founder of Productivityist

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