Episode 482: Terry Cralle talks about the relationship between sleep and productivity

In this episode, I chat with Terry Cralle, a registered nurse based in Washington DC, and the conversation dives into the topic of sleep and its impact on productivity and well-being. Terry is certified in clinical sleep health and has co-authored two books on sleep; Snoozby and the Great Big Bedtime Battle (Rowe Publishing, 2015), the first nonfiction book directly messaging the benefits of sufficient sleep to young children and Sleeping Your Way to the Top (Sterling Publishing, 2016), the ultimate guide to success through sufficient sleep. She also serves on the Start School Later Board of Directors and works with a variety of organizations throughout the U.S. and Canada to promote sleep health and wellness.

Terry kicks off the conversation by emphasizing the importance of having a healthy relationship with sleep and seeing it as a natural need rather than a battle to conquer. She shares down-to-earth strategies to improve sleep, like setting up a cozy sleep environment, soaking in some morning sunlight, and establishing a soothing bedtime routine. Together, we explore the signs of sleep deprivation and unmanaged sleep disorders that we should watch out for.

Key Discussion Points

  1. The importance of establishing a good relationship with sleep
  2. Understanding sleep as a biological need, not a battle
  3. Simple strategies to improve sleep, including exposure to natural light and establishing a bedtime routine
  4. The significance of sleep for mental well-being and productivity
  5. Sleep as a foundational pillar of health and wellness, alongside diet and exercise
  6. The benefits of setting aside sufficient time for sleep and the value of napping
  7. Challenges faced by shift workers and the need for healthier hours
  8. Advocacy for later school start times for teenagers

Get ready to be inspired and equipped with practical advice to transform your sleep habits in this down-to-earth conversation. With Terry Cralle’s expert insights, you’ll gain valuable tips to ensure a good night’s sleep, boost your productivity, and enhance your overall quality of life. So, grab your cozy blanket, sit back, and prepare to unlock the secrets of better sleep for a more productive and fulfilling life.

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