Episode 487: Vinay Pitankar Talks About Process Management

In the latest episode of “A Productive Conversation”, yours truly and guest Vinay Patankar delve into the intricacies of process versus project management. Vinay Patankar is the CEO of Process Street. Manage employee onboarding, workflow automation, checklists, the team’s handbook & more with Process Street’s AI powered process platform.

Vinay underscores the value of specialized tools, suggesting a blend of both for optimal business operations. They also explore the nuances of repeatable work, emphasizing that every business has inherent processes. Vinay shares insights on leveraging project management experiences for future tasks, using Uber’s market entry as an example of a project evolving into a process. And that’s just for starters.

Key Discussion Points

  1. Process vs. Project: Dive into the nuanced differences. Which is right for your business?
  2. Tool Synergy: The magic of combining tools. Why might HR, finance, and real estate need a special touch?
  3. Repeatable Work: Everyone has processes, but are they optimized? Discover the “productivity diet.”
  4. Project Management Insights: How can Uber’s strategy teach us about turning projects into processes?
  5. Projects Birth Processes: Uber’s new venture hints at how projects evolve. What’s the secret?
  6. Scaling Challenges: Beyond starting a project—what does it truly take to scale? Uncover the “unsexy” side of business.
  7. AI in Business: AI is revolutionizing processes. How might GPT change employee onboarding?

Thank you for tuning into this enlightening episode of ‘A Productive Conversation.’ As always, our goal is to equip you with actionable insights to elevate your business endeavors. Until next time, remember to stop “doing” productive and start being productive.

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