Episode 520: Ian Morgan Cron Talks About Enneagram Self-Discovery

In this episode of our podcast, we delve deep into the realms of self-discovery and personal growth with the insightful Ian Morgan Cron, a renowned author and Enneagram expert. Our conversation, originally released in March 2022, revolves around Ian’s book, “The Story of You,” which introduces a fresh perspective on understanding our personalities through the Enneagram. As someone constantly seeking ways to better understand myself and enhance my productivity, I found Ian’s approach not just fascinating but deeply helpful.

Ian Morgan Cron’s expertise illuminates the intricate ways our self-narratives shape our identities and behaviors. We explore how the Enneagram can act as a powerful tool for unraveling these narratives, offering a path to more authentic living. The discussion spans from the technicalities of identifying our Enneagram types to practical advice on confronting and rewriting the self-limiting stories we’ve clung to.

Key Discussion Points

  • My curiosity about the Enneagram and the journey to discover my number with Ian’s guidance.
  • Insights from “The Story of You” on how our personal stories and Enneagram types intertwine.
  • The concept of negative passions and virtues in the Enneagram, and how understanding these can foster personal growth.
  • The importance of recognizing and moving beyond stereotypes to truly understand our core Enneagram number and subtypes.
  • Reflecting on the role of the Enneagram in identifying and altering self-sabotaging narratives.
  • Strategies for using the Enneagram to explore our shadow sides and the impact of our stories on our lives and relationships.
  • Personal anecdotes from both Ian and myself on how the Enneagram has facilitated our paths to self-awareness and transformation.

Understanding the Enneagram and its application in dissecting and rewriting our personal narratives holds immense power for anyone on a path to self-improvement. Ian’s insights not only shed light on the complexities of human personality but also offer tangible steps towards cultivating a life of greater authenticity and fulfillment. Whether you’re new to the Enneagram or looking to deepen your understanding, “The Story of You” is a resource I cannot recommend highly enough.

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