Why I’m Not on Pinterest

There’s been a lot of talk about Pinterest lately. And while I did follow The Next Web’s guide on how to get started with it, I stopped after being there for all of one day.

Because it was just a lot of to noise to me.

That said, one of my Internet friends, Glen Stansberry, is part of a team that launched what could be termed as “Pinterest for Men”. It’s called Gentlemint. I may spend some time in there because it’ll be a nice alternative to Uncrate and complements Shawn Blanc’s Tools & Toys website. This thing, like Pinterest, has crowdsourcing going for it.1

So if you are a guy — or aren’t — give Gentlemint a look. It is to Pinterest what a cigar lounge is to a crowded nightclub.

1Oh, and Pinterest does crowdsourcing a little differently. Stay classy, Pinterest.