All the Focus on OmniFocus

The past couple of weeks has seen a slew of posts related to the ever-popular task management application, OmniFocus. Here’s a roundup of what went down…

Enter Mail Drop

Currently in beta, Mail Drop gives OmniFocus users a unique email address that they can use to send items to their OmniFocus inbox for processing later. This is ideal for those who are working on devices that can’t run OmniFocus (Windows, Android, Linux, etc.) and want to capture things from those platforms.

This is a great addition to the app in that it allows OmniFocus users who want access to the app for capture anytime, anywhere. It also (as Shawn Blanc smartly points out) allows users to share the unique email address with those they work with so that they can send tasks to them as well. It’s about the closest you can get to using OmniFocus as a collaborative task manager. You’ll need to be using the Omni Sync Server to use Mail Drop, and you can read even more about it in The Omni Group forums.

Icons & Coffee Unleashes Perspective Icons

Customizing the look of OmniFocus is one of the things that many of its users tend to do (one only needs to listen to this episode of The B&B Podcast to confirm this), but this particular customization is not only new – it’s one of the ones I made almost immediately.

Featuring 50 icons that are tailor-made to change the way you make your own OmniFocus Perspectives look, Perspective Icons are also retina-ready and works with the iOS version of the app as well. They look great and add more of a visual touchstone to your Perspectives (something that can often help you better connect with them in the process).

You can read more about the Perspective Icons over at the Icons & Coffee website or just go ahead and get them for the introductory price of $4.99 here.1

The OmniFocus Setup

This news comes directly from The Omni Group, and it has a lot to do with OmniFocus and MacWorld|iWorld. (With a little bit of me in there to boot.)

On Thursday January 31 – during MacWorld|iWorld – The Omni Group presents The OmniFocus Setup. This event will allow users of all skill levels the chance to get some 1-on–1 help with OmniFocus, and that will be followed by talks and a panel discussion with some of the top OmniFocus folks around. You’ll see Kourosh Dini (author of Creating Flow with OmniFocus and the forthcoming Workflow: Beyond Productivity), Sven Fechner (whose site, SimplicityBliss, is the go-to site for OmniFocus tips, tricks, and tactics), Dinah Sanders (author of the book Discardia), Tim Stringer (fellow West Coast Canadian and productivityist), and yours truly. It looks as if there’s more to “yet to come announcements” regarding the goings-on at this event, so make sure to check out The OmniFocus Setup page to submit a question for the 1-on–1 and check back often to stay in the know.

(Note: Episode 47 of Mikes on Mics features a discussion with The Omni Group’s Ken Case. We had a great talk and I hope you enjoy it.)

The price will go up to $9.99 at some point, so get them at this price while you can.